We started our Icelandic adventure with a well researched hike called Lagarvegur from Landmannalaugar to Thormörk, a total of fifty-five kilometres. After a three hour bus ride from Reykjavik, we started walking from Landmannalaugar and took advantage of the fact that Iceland never gets dark in the summer and started walking around 5.30 pm. We witnessed beautiful colorful mountains and breathtaking rainbows before camping on the highest peak in a barren landscape. 

We woke up to a cold, rainy and windy day but our feet were restless and after hours of relaxing and regaining energy after steep hike, we continued our journey. The landscape kept being barren and we met few people on our journey, but before we knew it, we saw a few cabins by a lake, realized it was our next campsite, and suddenly the weather started clearing up. We took another rest enjoying the tasty freeze-dried food and a cup up red wine. 

We woke up to a beautiful day, and took a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying the great view by the lake. Then we continued our journey, through the barren landscape, crossing rivers with high currents - it really got the adrenaline running, knowing that if you fall, everything would be soaking wet, including the camera. We made it across the rivers and was rewarded later on, with a beautiful, lush spot for camping, near a small river. When we woke up the day after, the sun was shining and we were able to sunbathe while eating breakfast, before heading on the last stretch reaching Thorsmörk. Besides not knowing that we had to cross yet another difficult river and that we got lost at one point, we couldn’t be happier arriving in the lush, green landscape of Thorsmörk. We took a days rest in this astonishing landscape, celebrating that we had finished the hike and then the journey continued.

to be continued… 

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