Fimmvorduhals hike

We thought we wanted to continue our journey from Thorsmörk to Seljalandsfoss but after hearing about the Fimmvorduhals hike to Skogar we changed our minds. After a days rest in the beautiful sunny Thorsmörk we started our almost 26km long hike. The first part was exhausting, with a 1200m increase before we reached the top. We left behind the lush forest and entered the barren landscape yet again, covered in snow. After a lunch on the top, we continued and the green landscape slowly came back. We befriended sheep and kept seeing beautiful waterfalls as we followed the river down to the biggest of them all; Skogarfoss. However Skogar itself wasn’t an impressive place besides the waterfall that was surrounded by tourists and cars, so we hitchhiked to VIk, found a beautiful campsite and enjoyed a well-deserved beer while remember the beautiful hike. Freeze-dried food has never tasted as good as it did that night. 

To be continued…

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