Escape to the Forest

Imagine a place, secluded in the forest, five minutes off the highway, down south, in Savannah, Brunswick, with no cellphone usage, tree houses, pet-able chickens and cocks, finishing the day with a delicious vegan community dinner, after an emotional circle of grace, followed by a night of bonfire, guitar, singing and memorable conversations. 

Imagine a place, close to a perfectly temperate and clear lake, where clothing is optional, with interesting architectural buildings, night spent sleeping in tree houses, a glasshouse meant for meditation uses, and hot shower in the open air. This whole place is meditation in it self, an energetic recharge, serving as a mental break from the busy everyday life, helping you to clear your mind, while the forest naturally energize you with its power.

This magical place is called Hostel in the Forest. Welcome home. 

Photographed with a Hasselblad 6x5 TMY400

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