After visiting my Moroccan friend and exploring the country
together I was already talking about returning to peel of more layers of the
culture behind this beautiful country. With only one week, I barely scratched
the surface of the culture of Morocco.

It all started with the hospitality I felt in the house of
my friend and as I started walking the streets of Morocco, one of the things
that fascinated me the most was the beautiful design. Whether it was the
architecture, the doors or simply the plates, everything looked appealing and
beautiful and I got a feeling that I wish I could take it all with me.

Unfortunately, walking around as a blonde girl, people
perceived me more as money than anything else. It made it difficult to connect
to the strangers on my journey, which is usually how I get to know a place the
quickest. Morocco is therefore a country that takes time to really understand,
coming from outside. As I leave, I know that I will be coming back for longer.
For now, I will look back at this place with a fascination of the beauty and
design, as the taste of mint tea derives from my memory.

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