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Contact information:

Phone: DK (+45) 71 12 29 96

Email: kathrinenorskprjects@gmail.com


Kathrine Norsk uses photography as her tool to tell the intimate stories of people and places around the world. She seeks to develop projects that can combine the arts and the giving, to ultimately benefit others.

 "The power of imagery is never more apparent than when it is used to help those in need"  


Although born in Denmark Kathrine Norsk have spent the last six years living in five different countries, while crossing borders to explore almost forty different countries. She graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art Photography from SCAD and is currently based in Copenhagen.


When she had the opportunity to visit Uganda back in 2008, Kathrine discovered how fortunate she was, coming from a middle-class family in Denmark. From that moment, she realised that whatever she was going to end up doing, it had to be making positive change. 

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